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The Centre was founded in 1996 by Carmine Grimaldi and Maria Dolcetti. C. Grimaldi, the director undertook his own psychoanalytical training with Maya Liebl, E. Bernhard’s pupil, founder of the Jungian school in Italy. Since 1974 Maya Liebl has defined and passed on a new theoretical and methodological statement regarding the approach to personality called: “Education in the Sense of the Psyche “
C. Grimaldi is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery (Bologna 1972) with a specialization in medical psychology (Bologna 1975). He completed further study in clinical sexology (Geneva 1979) and medical sexology (Florence 1983). He also has a philosophy degree (Urbino 1996). He is a Trainer for I.C.S.A.T (Italian committee for study of Autogenic Psychotherapy and Autogenic Training) (Ravenna 1998) and formerly a Trainer of the Maya Liebl Institute (1982). He is also a karate-do Master c.n- IV- DAN (Milan 1983).

Maria Dolcetti has a degree in pedagogics and is completing a psychological research in the art of painting. She is a former research-associate of the Maya Leibl Institute and a fellow of I.C.S.A.T..

The Centre develops research on human knowledge following an original methodology derived from the director’s clinical and theoretical experience. It is offered to the public for its application in social, medical, educational and professional fields.
It is a top school in psychological and physical training.
The theory and method of approach to the treatment and development of personality are valid in the fields of: Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics, Sexology, Education, Management of Human Resources.

The activity of the Centre is relevant to doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, public and private institutions, parents and social workers. It is executed by means of:
- Psychotherapy sessions of the Individual
- Psychotherapy sessions of the group.
- Consultancy and Supervision
- Training Courses in theory and practice

• The first meeting with the director of the Centre is of an informal, exploratory nature and is free of charge.